Pro Patria - Living Our Family Motto

What does the DuVal family motto mean?
From the Latin it literally means:

For one's country

This can imply either nationalism or patriotism, but I believe, given Daniel DuVal's Huguenot background, that we should consider the family motto in terms of patriotism.

Wikipedia says: "Patriotism is commonly defined as love of and/or devotion to one's country. The word comes from the Latin patria" and goes on to say:
"Patriotism is defined as devotion to humanity and beneficence.In both ancient and modern visions of patriotism, individual responsibility to fellow citizens is an inherent component of patriotism"

So..... how have DuVal family members shown love and devotion to our country? How have they shown individual responsibility to fellow citizens?

As usual, they continue to amaze me!

They freed their slaves before the War Between the States.

They gave homes and jobs to their former slaves after that War.

They founded towns and churches.

They worked as ministers throughout the United States, moving their families over thousands of miles, sometimes more than 25 times.

They pioneered trails to the West and then devoted themselves to guiding and feeding those who followed them.

They served as physicians and nurses, as superintendents of pioneering state institutes for the blind, deaf and mentally ill.

MANY of our men and women have served their country in the military forces or as volunteers supporting our military forces during war times. They lost life and limb. They survived and went on to do more for our country. This particular group will have their own section because they are very special!

A Little About Some Special People Within This Section

Twin DuVal descendents (both deaf) not only obtained professional degrees but worked tirelessly their whole lives to encourage other deaf, mute and blind Americans to pursue their dreams.

The wife of another DuVal descendent went to Japan at the end of WW2 after her husband's untimely death and tutored the current Emperor of Japan and his siblings for many years. This had a definite impact on the relationship the United States has had with Japan since then.

One DuVal descendent, a physician, devoted his life to helping the mentally ill throughout the United States. Because of his work in the State of Georgia, Governor Jimmy Carter dedicated a day in his honor.

More recently, a DuVal descendent (as Judge) made sure that many who had lost their homes as a result of hurricane, would receive benefits from their insurance company.

Many others to come!